Q. I’ve seen a doll on your Facebook Page, how do I order it?

A. All dolls featured on the BrightEars FB page are available to order on this website. All listings feature a drop down menu which allows you to select multiple devices, if required.


Q. An Item is out of stock, when will it be back?

A. As I adapt ready made dolls sometimes they become temporary unavailable and I’m unable to get hold of them. It is also only myself here so in some instances I am at capacity for the number of orders I can accept at one time and items may therefore show as out of stock. This is only temporary and I will make them available again as soon as I am able to. Please check back periodically to see when they are back in stock. Please note that I am unable to provide stock updates via email.


Q. I’ve placed an order, where is it?

A. All doll orders take 4-5 weeks to be made and posted. This information is provided clearly within the listing and shipping info and also as a banner at the top of the webpages. Please refrain from emailing to ask where your order is before the above time has passed, as I am unable to provide individual updates. Please don’t worry, if for any reason your order will not be posted within the timeframe quoted then I will contact you. Please be patient!  When your order has been posted you will receive an email notification which will contain your tracking details.


Q. My order has been posted but i’ve not received it.

A. Please check the tracking number provided in your dispatch notification email to see if the mail provider has attempted to deliver your item. The royal mail tracking numbers are universal so if you are outside the UK you can input this tracking number in your local mail providers tracking website (eg USPS, La Poste etc) Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation there are currently delays to mail services. Royal Mail request that you allow up to 13 WORKING DAYS for UK deliveries and 21 WORKING DAYS for International deliveries. Delays are unfortunately out of my control and I am unable to “chase” up deliveries until the above timeframes have passed. 


Q. I want a discount on my order.

A. BrightEars is run as not for profit. The prices shown are made up of the materials used, fees and a small charge for labour. There is no profit added and for this reason I am unable to offer discounts as this would mean I am making things at a loss to myself. 


Q. Can you donate a doll?

A. I do run a Go Fund Me page which allows me to be able to donate dolls to schools, hospitals, playgroups and organisations. I am unable to donate dolls to individuals for personal use. If you would like to be considered for a donated doll please email BrightEars with your details and requirements. Donated dolls are limited to one per organisation. 


Q. Can you create a custom doll?

A. Possibly and I will always try my best! Please email with your requirements and I can then let    you know if it’s something I’m able to do. Please note that all doll listings have a drop down menu that allows you to select multiple devices if you require a doll with more than one device.


Q. Why are there few dolls of other ethnicities?

A. As I adapt ready made dolls rather than manufacturer my own dolls I am limited to what I am able to use. Not all dolls available are suitable for adaptions and therefore I cannot use them. It is very much an ongoing project to bring more dolls from other ethnic origins to BrightEars.


Q. Do you ship to……

A. The current Brexit situation is causing a complete headache in terms of posting internationally! this makes it incredibly hard and expensive to ship to certain countries. At the moment if you are unable to select your country during checkout then unfortunately I am unable to ship to you at the moment but I’m hopeful the situation will improve in the near future. 


Q. Can I place a bulk order to sell in my shop?

A. BrightEars is run as not for profit and therefore collaborations with retailers rarely work as inevitably the retailer will want to add a “profit” to the product when they sell it on. This therefore goes against the ethos of BrightEars which is dolls are sold without a profit being taken from them.


Q. I need a VAT receipt.

A. BrightEars is not a business and does not meet the income thresholds to be VAT registered. Therefore all prices shown are VAT free.


Q. Do you accept purchase orders or can you invoice me?

A. BrightEars is not a business. Therefore all orders need to be paid for at the time of ordering via the website. I am unable to accept purchase orders or raise invoices.