Doll with Handmade Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Kidney Renal Catheter (Grey Clothing)

Bright Ears

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If you have selected glasses as well please add a note with colour choice from the following- Pink, Blue or Yellow. If you do not specify a colour at the time of purchase you will receive a random colour.


Doll: CE marked hard bodied doll, approximately 41cm tall. NOT anatomically correct. Outfit (may vary) is removable

PD Catheter: Handmade using non-toxic materials and medical tubing. The "catheter" is one moulded piece and does NOT have detectable parts or the ability to attach anything to it. Catheter insertion point is the upper left side of the abdomen. If you would like the insertion point elsewhere, please add a message during checkout. Non-Functioning.  

Fabric Belly Band: Handmade band to hold the catheter. Fabric colour/design may vary. 

Additional Devices (if selected) Information

Hearing Aids and/or Cochlear Implants: Handmade from CE safe polymer media and medical silicone tubing. Please add a note on during checkout with colour choice. Non- functioning. 

MIC-KEY The Mic-Key feeding tube is handmade from a combination of coloured polymer media (CE Safe) and medical tubing/clips and is non-functioning. The tube part is detachable and can be attached to the doll via the rubber bung. The white part is fixed to the doll with nylon screws and nylon bolts/washers on the inside of the doll. Empty syringe also included which can be attached to feeding tube, THIS IS JUST FOR PLAY PURPOSES AND IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED WITH LIQUIDS, NEITHER SHOULD IT BE USED TO PUSH AIR INTO TUBING. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the parts stay attached to the doll, no responsibility will be taken for parts which become broken/detached during play.

"Freka" or PEG Style Feeding Tube: Handmade from CE safe polymer media, medical silicone tubing. One syringe provided, do not use to insert liquids into the tube. Device is non-functioning and for play purposes only.

Heart Scar: Scar is slightly raised and made from a polymer media which is then painted with CE safe non-toxic patients. Please discourage picking of the scar as this may remove the paint. 

Oxygen Nasal Cannula: Medical O2 cannula, for safety reasons this is adhered to the dolls nostrils and should not be removed or pulled on. Cannula is non-functioning and excess tubing has been shortened. Cannula is affixed to doll's face with skin fix dressings (these may need to be replaced over time, at your own cost)

Stoma: Stoma handmade from plastic. Two fabric stoma "bags" (design of the fabric may vary) Bags attach to the doll via velcro. Please take care when removing the bags not to pull to hard. After purchase please email with your stoma location choice (see photos) The Stoma is non-functioning.

Nasogastric Tube (NG): Medical grade NG tube with Hypafix sticker, sticker may lose adhesiveness over time and will need to be replaced at your own cost. Non- Functioning. 

"Hickman" Central Venous Line (CV): Handmade from non-toxic materials and medical tubing with two clips. Non- Functioning. 

Tracheostomy: Medical tracheostomy tube which is adhered to the doll and cannot be removed. There is a short piece of ribbon which is tied in a knot around the neck of the dock, the knot is glued to prevent ribbon from being removed.

Glasses: Plastic with plastic lenses. Available in pink, blue or yellow. Please add message at checkout with colour choice. These are generic doll's glasses and are not specifically made for this doll. You may wish to adhere or attach a cord to the glasses to keep them on the doll. If hearing aids are added the glasses will sit at an angle on top/above the hearing aids.

Please remember that these dolls contain small parts and adults should supervise children at all times. Not recommended for children under 3. These dolls are not intended for rough play, as they may become damaged.

If you would like something custom made, please message me. I will always try my best to help!