Princess Figure with Hearing Aids

Bright Ears

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One Doll Supplied. Please note there may be slight variations in outfit designs shown.


Doll: Official Disney Princess doll with removable skirt. Doll approx 25.5cm in height. Outfit design may vary.

Hearing Aids: Handmade from a non-toxic media and painted with CE certified paints. Hearing Aids are bilateral unless you request otherwise. Unfortunately it's not possible to make with Cochlear Implants as there is no way to securely attach the coil part to the head, due to hair.

Some hair may need to be removed to attach hearing aids. In some cases the hair accessory will also need to be temporarily removed (please double check that no plastic tags remain in hair)

Handmade to order, please allow 4-5 weeks.

Due to small parts not suitable for children under 3.

Due to the nature of the devices, please discourage "picking" of the devices as this may damage the paint. Please be aware that any hard knocks or blows to the dolls head may cause the devices to become damaged.